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About My Background

Here you can discover information about my background, as a reformed black hat computer hacker.

I'm a reformed black hat computer hacker turned security consultant. In 2015, I was the subject of three international police operations and was subsequently arrested. I eventually pleaded guilty to a series of computer-hacking related charges. In 2019, I was sentenced to four years in Britain's highest security prison, HMP Belmarsh. However, since that time period, I have gone on to reform and contribute to the industry in a positive way.

Here's some of the positive things that I've done:

  • Held position 11 out of 25,000+ researchers on a bug bounty platform
  • Contributed to over 100 managed and unmanaged bug bounty programs.
  • Helped remediate around 3,100 web-application vulnerabilities.
  • Founded a cyber threat intelligence platform with 10,000+ users
  • Collaborated with CIRT teams, sysadmins, and government agencies.

These days, I work as a security researcher for a cyber deception startup called Seedata. I also do part-time consulting work when my schedule allows me to.

Here's what I'm often employed or contracted for:

  • Cybercrime Awareness and Prevention
  • Bug Bounty Creation and Development
  • Assistance With Digital Investigations
  • Technical Concept Validation (Advisory)
  • Grey & Black Box Security Assessments

Here's Some Publications

If you're ever bored and want to find out more about my background, there are various publications that I've contributed to over the years:

Here's Some Podcasts

Other Information

I'm happy to comment in the media and contribute to written publications. However, I don't do public speaking. I tried it once and didn't like it. Additionally, I don't do podcasts anymore unless they're about current industry issues or conversations.

If you're interested in working with me, feel free to write to me at with your proposal to see if we're a good fit and can work something out.