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Our Private Community

Introducing Cybersecurity and Growth, our private community focused on cybersecurity. Read all about it below and become a member today.

Our Private Community

Join our network and become part of a diverse community consisting of former and current law enforcement officers, convicted computer hackers, military personnel, scam hunters, and other like-minded individuals.

Our network offers a distinctive opportunity to connect with people who share similar interests and experiences.

Here's some of the main things we can help solve:

• Passionate about cybersecurity, but unsure how to turn it into a career?

• Willing to experiment with new ideas, but need expert guidance?

• Working in cybersecurity but seeking fresh perspectives to advance your career?

• Want to take charge of your career path and work for yourself?

• Seeking more flexible work options beyond the traditional 9-5?

• Want to have access to an interesting, and strong support network?

Here's A Sneak Peak Of The Community:

🤔What You'll Get

When you join the Cybersecurity and Growth Community, you'll gain access to a network of 100+ like-minded individuals. We provide a supportive community where you can share your ideas, receive feedback, celebrate successes, and help each other overcome obstacles.

🏛 The Community

Our active community is focused on cybersecurity and growth. We discuss topics like cybercrime prevention, ethical hacking, digital forensics, risk management, compliance, and more.

🎤 Weekend Calls

Every Saturday or Sunday from 7-9pm GMT, we host a community-wide Discord call where members can interact with each other, ask questions, and learn from different perspectives. These calls provide an opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals and discuss various topics related to cybersecurity and growth.

There are no guest speakers; instead, we encourage members to share their knowledge, experience, and insights. We cover topics like real-life hacking stories, innovative learning techniques, current and future cybersecurity trends, ethical hacking, web-application security, exploit development, and more.


• Call length: 1 hour.

Call Schedule:

• Every Saturday or Sunday from 7-9pm GMT.


🔍 Real-Life Hacking Stories: Hear from members who have real-life experience with hacking and cybersecurity. Learn about their challenges, successes, and unique perspectives.

🎓 Innovative Learning Techniques: Discover new and innovative learning techniques that will help you improve your cybersecurity skills and stay ahead of the curve.

👀 Current and Future Cybersecurity Trends: Gain insights into the current and future cybersecurity landscape and learn about emerging trends and technologies.

🕵️ Ethical Hacking: Gain insights into ethical hacking and how it can help you improve your cybersecurity skills. This topic covers penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and other hacking techniques.

🌐 Web-Application Security: Learn about web-application security and gain insights into the methods and techniques used to protect against attacks.

💻 Exploit Development: Gain insights into exploit development and learn about the tools and techniques used by hackers to develop exploits.

And more to come.

Praise From Existing Members

"The Cybersecurity and Growth community has been a great experience for me. I've appreciated the exposure to a variety of perspectives in the industry and feel that is has given me a more grounded view on the field as a whole. Daniel is a great host of the space and does a wonderful job of making sure everyone feels welcome. I'm glad to be a part and feel that I am learning something new every day just by being involved." — Michelle Eggers (Consultant)

"This place! I've been doing this infosec thing for the last 20 years and made lots of friends along the way but I swear I have learnt more since joining this discord then any other single place. The level of knowledge here is amazing. No posers, No cert hunters just kind people that genuinely want to help each other. From complex code to zero days to bug bounties its all here, its all fresh and its all original. I am so happy to be a part of this community, a place where other peoples success is celebrated and everyone is supported with development and growth." — Tim P (Black Team Leader)

"Cybersecurity and Growth is a community that I've been in for a few months now, and I can honestly say it's one of the best cybersecurity communities I've been a part of. If you're thinking of grabbing a spot, I'm happy to tell you that it's 100% worth it, you will have no regrets choosing to be a member of this private community! I have discovered so many cool things since I've been a member." — Dap (Community Member)

"Without repeating what everyone else already mentioned here, I can absolutely attest the fact that Daniel truly cares about creating something that he felt was lacking in the industry and I definitely agree. There’s a reason he called it “Cybersecurity & Growth”: he has a real passion for cybersecurity, a genuine desire to share his knowledge and believes that when you put a diverse group of people that share the same passion together, they can elevate each other not only on a professional, but also on a personal level. There's no other community like it." — Jessie A (Community Member)

"I am often hesitant about joining online groups. There is always a spark that is somehow missing. I joined the Cybersecurity and Growth Community a few months back and it has been the first server that I have never once wanted to mute. The conversations are always engaging, the level of expertise is miles above what I had access to during my overpriced college years. I can't speak highly enough about this well-chosen community of friendly, skilled, and talented humans." — Josh Q (Community Member)

"I can do livestreams of my MCSI MCD Projects and I am already a content creator/contractor. But I can provide private training videos and interviews as well, that are shared just between us. I regularly make private training videos for the DEFCON 702 Group of Las Vegas. Most recently, the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Agency CTF involving reverse engineering." — Chang Tan (Community Instructor)

Here's Some Video Testimonials

And we have a ton more...

So what are you waiting for?

We're awaiting you inside and happy to welcome you to our exclusive community.

P.S - please note that we retain the ability to refuse to grant you membership. All new members are vetted briefly on social media to ensure compatibility.